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                                  首页 > 技术与支持 > 无菌取样袋使用说明


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                                  INSTRUCTION SHEET FOR SAMPLE BAGS
                                  1. Label the bag with sample
                                  information if necessary.

                                  2. Tear off the top of the bag along
                                  the perforation. 

                                  3. Use pull tabs on each side to
                                  open the bag. Sometimes a little
                                  pull on the bottom of the bag
                                  helps open it completely.

                                  4. Put sample, liquid or solid, into bag.
                                  Leave enough space at the top for
                                  closing and mixing if needed.

                                  5. Pull the ends of the wire to close
                                  the bag. Holding the bag by the
                                  wire ends, whirl the bag three
                                  complete revolutions to form a
                                  leakproof seal. Whirling the bag
                                  will form the tightest seal. Larger
                                  bags can be closed by “folding”
                                  the tab over as tightly as possible.

                                  6. Bend the wire ends over onto the
                                  bag to complete the closing.


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